SCRAMBLED EGGS Creamy, light eggs

STRATA Eggs, cheese and sausage
or bacon, layered over a bread crust and baked into a puffy casserole

FRITTATA Eggs, cheese and vegetables with a choice of sausage, bacon or ham

QUICHE FLORENTINE Eggs, cheese, ham and spinach, baked in a pastry crust

QUICHE LORRAINE Eggs, cheese and bacon, baked in a pastry crust

BREAKFAST CROISSANT Scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon or sausage served in a buttery croissant

BREAKFAST BURRITO Scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage and black or refried beans, served with a side of diced tomatoes, sour cream and salsa

TRADITIONAL EGGS BENEDICT Lightly toasted english muffin topped with canadian bacon, poached egg and drizzled with hollandaise sauce

CRAB EGGS BENEDICT Lightly toasted english muffin topped with fresh crab meat, poached egg and drizzled with hollandaise sauce

VEGETARIAN EGGS BENEDICT Lightly toasted english muffin topped with fresh spinach, sliced tomato, sliced avocado, poached egg and drizzled with hollandaise sauce

TRADITIONAL FRENCH TOAST Thick sliced bread grilled until lightly brown, served with maple syrup

CARAMEL FRENCH TOAST Thick sliced bread baked until lightly brown and drizzled with caramel, served with maple syrup

PANCAKES Fluffy pancakes served with maple syrup

CREPES Assorted fillings to choose from; vegetables, fruit, chicken, crab or cream sauce

COUNTRY POTATOES Diced potatoes, onions and seasoning, cooked until crispy and golden brown

BISCUITS Fresh baked to a golden brown

COUNTRY STYLE GRAVY Homemade white, pork gravy made to pour over those fresh baked biscuits

BACON Thick savory bacon strips

SAUSAGE LINKS Oven roasted links

HAM Delicious sliced ham

YOGURT & GRANOLA Creamy greek yogurt served with a rich, flavorful granola

ASSORTED BREAKFAST BREADS AND PASTRIES Pastries include options such as mini muffins, mini scones and coffee cake

MINI CINNAMON BUNS Freshly baked and topped with a light frosting

STUFFED MUSHROOMS Fresh mushroom caps stuffed with a variety of fillings including; herb cheese, sausage and cheese or crab

PROSCIOTTO WRAPPED ASPARAGUS Thinly sliced proscuitto wrapped around fresh asparagus spears and broiled until crisp

SMOKED SALMON IN CUCUMBER CUPS Smoked salmon, celery, red onions and capers mixed with a smooth sour cream spread, served in a cucumber cup

CRAB CAKES Real crab meat made into lightly breaded mini cakes, served with a roasted red pepper aioli

PRAWNS Chilled cocktail prawns with a sweet chili sauce, paprika, or garlic-ginger

CHICKEN BUFFALO WINGS Crispy chicken wings with buffalo style sauce served with a blue cheese dip

CHICKEN SATAY Bite-size marinated strips of chicken, skewered and roasted, served with a homemade peanut sauce

CROSTINI Thinly sliced baguette lightly toasted and topped with your favorite toppings such as; tapenade, peppered beef with caramelized onions, roasted red pepper feta spread, smoked salmon spread, caprese, or brie with roasted garlic

BRUSCHETTA Thinly sliced baguette lightly toasted and topped a delectable mixture of fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil

MINI TARTLETS An assortment of fillings are available

MUSHROOM MEATBALLS Meatballs marinated in a creamy mushroom sauce

MEATBALLS IN APRICOT BRANDY SAUCE Meatballs marinated in an apricot brandy sauce

CHICKEN AVOCADO EGG ROLLS Egg rolls filled with chicken, avocado, tomato and cheese, served with a spicy ranch dip

SOUTHWEST EGG ROLLS Egg rolls filled with corn, black beans and your choice of chicken or shrimp, deep fried until golden

VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLLS Fresh vegetables, with the option to add shrimp, rolled in rice paper and served with homemade peanut dipping sauce

SAVORY GALETTES A puff pastry topped with your choice of assorted fillings and baked until golden

ARANCINI Creamy rice and cheese balls, lightly tossed in bread crumbs and deep fried to crunchy perfection

POTATO CROQUETTES Creamy mashed potatoes coated in bread crumbs and deep fried, served with a dipping sauce

MINI QUICHE An assortment of fillings are available

BAKED BRIE  Soft creamy brie wrapped in pastry, served with chutney and an assortment of crackers

BRIE WITH BRANDY PECAN TOPPING Brie topped with a mixture of chopped pecans and brandy, then baked until creamy soft, served with sliced baguette and crackers

CHEESE PLATTER An assortment of hard and soft cheese served with sliced baguette and crackers

HUMMUS WITH PITA BREAD Traditional hummus served with grilled pita bread

CAPRESE KABOB Cherry tomato, mozzarella balls, fresh basil, skewered and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic reduction

VEGETABLE CRUDITÉ Seasonal fresh vegetables, artfully arranged and served with ranch dipping sauce

FRESH FRUIT Seasonal fresh fruit, artfully arranged

SUGARED PECANS Whole pecan pieces tossed with a mix of sugar, cinnamon and spices then roasted to perfection

TOMATO BISQUE Fire roasted tomatoes combined with herbs and cream to make this delicious, rich bisque

GAZPACHO Tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro and corn blended into a delicious refreshing chilled soup

NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER Thick and creamy chowder made with clams, onions and diced potatoes

CHILI Hearty beef chili with beans served with cheddar cheese and onions

WHISKEY PEACH CHILI Beef chili with diced peaches and a dash of whiskey served with sour cream

WHITE BEAN AND CHICKEN CHILI Rich, hearty chili of white beans, chicken, corn, jalapenos and cheese

CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP Hearty chicken, beans, corn and spices in a broth based soup

CREAMY CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP Thick, bold blended soup of chicken, tortillas, tomatoes and onions

CAESAR SALAD Crisp romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese, croutons and creamy caesar dressing, can be served with sliced chicken breast

NORTHWEST MIXED GREEN SALAD Artisan mixed greens topped with seasonal vegetables, fruit and cheese and tossed in balsamic vinaigrette dressing

TRADITIONAL TOSSED SALAD Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers and croutons with a choice of dressing

SPINACH SALAD Baby spinach, hazelnuts and strawberries or blueberries, tossed in a vinaigrette dressing, can be served with sliced chicken breast

INTERNATIONAL SALAD OPTIONS Greek salad, Mediterranean orzo salad, Moroccan tabouleh salad, Mexican corn and black bean salad with cilantro and lime dressing, French nicoise potato salad or Asian noddle salad

ROASTED CORN AND BLACK BEAN SALAD Roasted corn, black beans, cilantro, roasted jalapenos, tossed with fresh lime dressing

BLACK BEAN SALAD Black beans, flavorful peppers and tomatoes tossed with a cilantro lime dressing

TACO SALAD Crisp iceberg lettuce combined with seasoned beef or chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and black beans, tossed with spicy-sour cream dressing

MEDITERRANEAN ORZO SALAD Orzo pasta, feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, and fresh oregano tossed in red wine vinaigrette

QUINOA SALAD Quinoa mixed with fresh diced vegetables and honey-garlic vinaigrette

TRADITIONAL POTATO SALAD Tender baby potatoes tossed with celery, onions and a creamy mayonnaise based dressing

POTATO SALAD IN VINAIGRETTE DRESSING Tender baby potatoes and diced red onions, tossed with mustard vinaigrette dressing

ROASTED POTATO SALAD Cubed, herb-roasted red potatoes tossed with red onions, basil and dijon vinaigrette

TORTELLINI SALAD Tri-color Tortellini mixed with olives, tomatoes, asiago cheese and pesto vinaigrette

MACARONI SALAD Macaroni noodles tossed with celery, onions, bell peppers and creamy mayonnaise based dressing

PASTA SALAD Pasta tossed with seasonal fresh vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette

TROPICAL RICE SALAD Chilled Jasmine rice with peanuts, red peppers, pineapple, mango, red onion, cilantro, mint and tossed in a savory pineapple vinaigrette

COLESLAW Crisp green and red cabbage, carrots and onions tossed in a tangy mayonnaise dressing

FRUIT SALAD Fresh seasonal fruit

HUNGARIAN CHICKEN Chicken in a creamy red paprika sauce

APRICOT CHICKEN Chicken served in a refreshing apricot sauce

CRANBERRY CHICKEN Chicken coated with a flavorsome cranberry sauce and topped with dried cranberries

HERB ROASTED CHICKEN Chicken coated lightly with a herb mixture and baked until golden

TROPICAL CHICKEN Chicken glazed with an island inspired sauce

CHICKEN MARSALA Lightly breaded chicken cutlets served with a rich Marsala wine reduction

CHICKEN CORDON BLEU Lightly breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese and drizzled with mornay sauce

GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH Grilled chicken breast on a ciabatta roll with zesty pesto sauce, cheese, tomato and lettuce

SHEPHERD’S PIE Beef or Chicken in a rich cream sauce with vegetables, topped with creamy mashed potatoes and baked until lightly browned

BEEF OR CHICKEN WELLINGTON Beef or chicken topped with a mixture of mushrooms, onions, cheese, and herbs wrapped in a pastry crust and baked until golden brown. This can be served as individual or centerpiece sizes

STROGANOFF Tender strips of beef or chicken and mushrooms in a sour cream sauce served over noodles

BEEF STEW Tender beef cooked with potatoes, carrots and onions

BEEF BRISKET Slow roasted tender brisket, served with barbeque sauce

BEEF ROULADE Tender beef filled with a variety of savory flavors, rolled, baked and sliced to serve

BRAISED BEEF OR PORK Tender meat braised with onions and savory sweet and spicy seasonings



BBQ SPARE RIBS Pork ribs slow cooked until tender, served with barbeque sauce

PRIME RIB Flavorful herb prime rib served with horseradish sauce

FILET MIGNON Grilled and served plain, with mushroom demi-glace, or blue cheese butter

TRI TIP Thin slices, marinated and grilled

PULLED PORK Slow roasted, tender pulled pork

PORK LOIN Marinated and roasted in an orange-soy sauce

BACON WRAPPED GLAZED PORK LOIN Spice rubbed pork loin wrapped in delicious strips of bacon and roasted

SALMON Baked and served with a light citrus beurre blanc sauce

SALMON FILET Roasted whole salmon filets served with a variety of toppings

CEDAR FIRED STUFFED SALMON Salmon stuffed with a mixture of cheese, spinach and sun dried tomatoes

TILAPIA PUTTANESCA Seared tilapia with a rich sauce of garlic, capers, olives and tomatoes

BAKED TILAPIA Seared and seasoned with an herb blend, then baked with a touch of citrus

SHRIMP SCAMPI Shrimp sautéed with garlic butter, olive oil and white wine, tossed with red pepper flakes and parsley

VEGETABLE LASAGNA Layered noodles with fresh vegetables and cheese in a creamy white sauce

HEARTY MEAT LASAGNA Layered noodles with beef, sausage and cheese in a rich tomato sauce

CHICKEN ALFREDO LASAGNA Layered noodles with chicken, spinach and cheese in a creamy alfredo sauce

CHICKEN PARMESAN Lightly breaded chicken breast topped with parmesan cheese served with marinara sauce and pasta

PASTA WITH MARINARA SAUCE Rich tomato sauce loaded with flavor

PASTA WITH HEARTY MEAT SAUCE Rich tomato sauce loaded with beef and sausage

PASTA PRIMAVERA Pasta with a generous creamy sauce, loaded with fresh seasonal vegetables

SAFFRON RISOTTO With proscuitto wrapped prawns

PIZZA Homemade crust and sauce topped with the meat, vegetables and cheese of your choosing

PASTA BAR Pasta served with a variety of sauces; hearty meat, marinara, red sauce with meatballs, alfredo, chicken alfredo or pesto

FAJITA BAR Grilled chicken and/or steak, with peppers and onions served with tortillas, Spanish rice, black beans, salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese and guacamole

TACO BAR Ground meat with crispy or soft taco shells, Spanish rice, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, chips and salsa

CHINESE BAR Variety of options available including; kung pao chicken, broccoli and beef, crispy pork, fried rice, Szechuan green beans, sweet and sour pork or chicken

BURGER/HOT DOG BAR Grilled hamburgers or polish sausage served on soft buns with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise

BAKED MAC & CHEESE Creamy, cheesy macaroni baked until golden with a crisp top layer

MASHED POTATOES Steamed potatoes mashed with butter and cream or roasted garlic

CHEESY POTATO MASH Creamy mashed potatoes combined with a variety of cheeses and then baked

SMASHED POTATOES Steamed red potatoes smashed with butter, cream and herbs

TWICE BAKED POTATO Baked potato shell filled with a creamy mashed potato blend, topped with cheese and baked until golden

POMMES FRITES Lightly coated and deep fried seasonal vegetables

ROASTED POTATOES Herb seasoned potatoes roasted until tender and golden

ROASTED SEASONAL VEGETABLES Lightly seasoned fresh vegetables

STEAMED RICE Brown white or wild rice

PINE NUT PILAF White rice sautéed with onions, butter and pine nuts, then steamed until fluffy

RISOTTO Arborio rice mixed with butter and cheese for a creamy side dish

WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO Arborio rice mixed with wild mushrooms, butter and cheese

CREAMY QUINOA Cooked in a creamy coconut milk broth

BAKED BEANS Slow cooked seasoned red beans

BROCCOLI Steamed or roasted to tender crisp and topped with butter and lemon zest

GREEN BEANS Steamed tender green beans tossed with brown butter and almonds


VEGETABLE CRUDITÉ Fresh seasonal vegetables, artfully arranged and served with dipping sauce

FRUIT TRAY Fresh seasonal fruit, artfully arranged







COOKIES Fresh baked

BROWNIES Fresh baked, original or caramel

MINI TARTLET CUPS Assorted fillings available

CHOCOLATE MOUSE Deliciously rich chocolate mouse

DECADENT CHOCOLATE TORTE (SEASONAL) Dense chocolate torte topped with a raspberry coulis and fresh raspberries

CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES (SEASONAL) Fresh strawberries dipped in rich chocolate

CHEESECAKE New York style cheesecake served with a raspeberry or strawberry fruit coulis

BREAD PUDDING Bread soaked in a rich custard-like sauce then baked until golden

BEIGNETS A savory fried treat made fresh in house, sprinkled with powdered sugar

FRUIT CRISP OR FRUIT CRUMBLE Your choice of fresh apples, peaches or berries baked until browned

BAKLAVA Layers of pastry, nuts and honey baked into a crunchy delight

SHORTCAKE Angel food cake topped with seasonal fruit and sweet whipped cream

FRUIT GALETTES Puff pastry filled with seasonal fresh fruit and baked until golden

BANANAS FOSTER Bananas cooked in sugar, butter, rum and cinnamon served in a crepe or over ice cream